2017 U-Pick Info

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As of September 1, 2017, red raspberries are available at $5 per pint.  We have red raspberry preserves and red raspberry leaf tea as well.  

Dried Elderberries are available at $1 per ounce and, except for limited quantity of elderberry jam, that is all we have left of this season’s elderberries.  At this time we are also picked out of  Aronia Berries,  although we have some preserves and tea blends available.  

****Regular U-PICK HOURS:****

Mon-Thurs :   please call for availability

Fri-Sat:   9am-5pm



Grace Farm Studios

2719 Franklinville Rd.

Woodstock. IL 60098


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Look for the “quilted” barn . . . and the “studio”
barn quiltgfs - quilt and flagstudio and garden house summer 2008