A Woodstock, Illinois Specialty Grower

Haygrove High Tunnels custom designed to withstand high winds; trellised raspberry crop; insect mesh barrier and ventilation.

Welcome to Grace Farm Studios, a small  specialty crop grower (raspberries, other delicious berries, and icelandic wool) in Woodstock, Illinois.  We use organic farming practices, including an integrated pest management plan featuring innovative uses of Haygrove, Inc., high tunnels (background photo). To the best of our knowledge, we are the only “no-spray” raspberry producer in northern Illinois to have a conservation plan with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).   In 2009, we were awarded an NRCS grant to participate in a three-year pilot study of high tunnel efficacy in Illinois.   You can see and read more about our positive experience with high tunnels in the Kurt Begalka’s “It’s the BERRIES!”  McHenry County Business Journal 12/2010.   The high tunnels and fabric insect barriers proved so effective in the organic management of Japanese beetle populations  on our raspberries that in 2013 we invested in a second custom-built block of Haygrove, Inc., tunnels (photo at right).    

Farmstand & Farmer’s Markets.   In addition to raspberries, we are currently growing asparagus, gooseberries,  lingonberries, aronia berries, currants, saskatoons, elderberries, hazelnuts, and native wildflowers.   We recently closed our U-Pick operation, but  continue to offer our produce on farm on a pre-pick basis and at local farmers markets.

Icelandic Fiber and Rustic Decorative Art.   In partnership with Holliberri Icelandics of Elizabeth, Illinois, we raise and sell the wool harvested from icelandic sheep pastured at Grace Farm Studios and at Holliberri Icelandics.  We process the wool into various useful forms such as felt, roving, and yarn, and we sell these products as well as handmade finished goods.   Using locally harvested hardwoods, we create one of a kind rustic home and cabin furnishings.  Everything we offer for sale has been handmade on our farm using what grows naturally on our farm or nearby. 

Various Coat Racks and Wall Decor
Various original design, one-of-a-kind, handmade coat racks.
Three Hardwood End Grain Cutting Board
icelandic wool and leather basket