grace farm

photo c. (2011) johnathon d. anderson

Grace Farm Studios is a three-season farm in Woodstock, Illinois producing organically grown raspberries and icelandic fiber.  We also produce asparagus, but sadly (sort of), we are going to replace most of it with raspberries in coming seasons.  Want some seven year old New Jersey Knight crowns for free? If you are willing to dig them up and transplant them yourself, you can have ‘em.   See our post about upcoming crown digs!


NEW!  farm HISTORY!   

With the help of two previous owners, some keen local historians, and a little bit of old fashioned record sleuthing, we have recently put together a history of this parcel of land dating back to the arrival of settlers and war veterans during the 1800′s.    It will take awhile to arrange everything we know now in a way that is easy to follow, but hopefully it will shed interesting light on what is known about this parcel of land and the German immigrants who patiently farmed it, establishing strong communities and vital resources for future generations.

Stay tuned. . .

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