Fiber Workshop-McHenry County Fairground June 3, 2018


Elements of Rustic Decorative Fiber Art

Sunday, June 3, 2018 – 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Taught by: Ann Chaney
Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Class Limit: 1-5 Students
Registration: Required by May 28, 2018
Enrollment Cost: $30 (plus material fee of $85 payable to the instructor at the class)

This class is an introduction to rustic decorative fiber art design, using Icelandic fiber as the primary medium. Students will learn to assess the suitability of Icelandic wool in its various forms and to apply these concepts to a design object intended for a particular living environment. Based on an inventory of their existing fiber art skills, students will choose an appropriate design project, plan the materials and steps necessary to complete the project, and then execute as much of the project as time and space permit. Students should not expect to finish the project during class. Icelandic wool fiber, including a large pre-felt sheet of Icelandic fiber, other pre-felt pieces, roving and raw fleece; assorted leather, wood, metal and wire; rope, yarn, thread, and glue are generously provided for each student, as well as a variety of fiber art tools (but tools for use in class only). Students are invited to consider a motif and bring an image or images of that motif to class.