GFS Welcomes Two Pygora Fiber Goats: “Curry” and “Leonard”


We recently added two cutie pies to our barnyard – young male pygora goats bred by our friends at Bumblebee Acres from one of Holliberri Icelandics’ pygora bucks.  Curry (brown) and Leonard (white) are “fiber” goats – that is they are not kept for breeding, but rather for their soft luxurious fleece.  Pygora goats are a cross between pygmy goats (tiny dairy goats) and angora goats (producers of mohair). Curry was a “bottle fed” orphan and consequently thinks that humans are goats.  He loves attention! Leonard, the smaller (and perhaps smarter) of the two doesn’t mind all

Leonard taking a siesta.
Curry and friend.

the hullabaloo but quite frankly would rather be eating.  

Can I eat this?