Locally produced Icelandic sock yarn

Our Icelandic sock yarns are reinforces with  10-20% nylon (for strength and resiliency) and available in two colors:  grey (2.5 oz/250 yd. per skein), and off-white (1.5 oz/250 yd. per skein).   Depending on your pattern, you will likely need 2-3 skeins for one pair of socks.  This yarn will also work in sock knitting machines.


This is not superwash wool.  It has not been treated with anything, so there will be some shrinkage, and hand washing/air drying is a must.


Thanks to a long time friend and customer who knitted the pair of socks on the right with our grey Icelandic sock yarn.  They’ve been worn and washed in this photo, and if you have sensitive skin she recommends a silk sock liner.    But there’s nothing like real wool to keep those toes warm in winter.    If you’re going hiking or climbing in the snow, wrap some Expedition Wool around your blister-prone foot areas ,  put on a sock liner, then a layer (or two) of socks.     You’re good to go!


Icelandic/nylon sock yarn


GFS socks