Currently available at the Elgin, IL, Harvest Market.   We will also have a large quantity available during Autumn Drive.   We would like to extend our thanks to the Shared Dream Kitchen in Elgin for rental of their facilities.

Red raspberry leaf tea (loose leaf).   If you are looking for quality red raspberry leaf tea, look no further.  At multiple points during the spring and summer, we hand-pick, air dry, crush and sift our no-spray red raspberry leaves and package them for you in 8 oz (volume) bags.  We pick the leaves during the flowering stage for best nutritional value and taste.  Red raspberry leaf tea is naturally caffeine-free, yet it tastes much like a green tea or a black tea.   It is exceptionally high in antioxidants.   Steep for at least ten minutes; but you can reuse the same leaves several times as long as you continue to steep for about ten minutes or more.  Our price is $5 per bag.   We will also sell air-dried canes.


Fresh Raspberry Jams and Jellies.    Enjoy our organically grown raspberries without seeds and made with a variety of alternative sweeteners.    No corn syrup, no added preservatives, coloring, or artificial flavors.  We use and highly recommend Pomona Pectin, a citrus-based pectin that is activated by calcium rather than sugar.    Our jams are made only with our own berries;  when we’re sold out for the season, we are sold out!

 Ann’s MapleBerry Jam/Jelly.    Red raspberries, 100% pure Grade A Wisconsin maple syrup, pectin.   With or without seeds.    Even if you are not a fan of maple syrup, you will enjoy this recipe.  This jam is not supersweet – but you get a hint of genuine maple flavor which is the perfect treat for fall!

Mostly Seedless, Just-Picked Raspberry Jam/Jelly.

Sweetened with locally produced, 100% pure honey; or

Sweetened with unrefined cane sugar (demera, turbinado)

Now in beta testing stage:  Sweetened with no-spray, locally produced, 100% mulberry juice and agave nectar.

Jars are available in 4 oz  ($3),  9 oz ($6), and 16 oz ($9) sizes.

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