grace farm studios Haygrove high tunnel

A high tunnel we were able to install with funding from the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service. We are participating in a three year pilot study of high tunnels in Illinois.

The 2013 raspberry U-Pick season will begin August 1st– if you would like to receive seasonal email notifications from us, you can sign up below.

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PRICE:    $4 per pint;  $7 per quart; $24 per gallon.   Free parking and no admission fees.


  • Tu-Thursday    8-5pm (but please call first to confirm availability).
  • Fri-Saturday     8-5pm

WHAT TO EXPECT:    Well, it’s a working farm; so please use common sense.   :)    It’s a beautiful, natural environment, and most people find it really relaxing and de-stressing.  On the other hand, some families are looking for the amenities and entertainment offered by larger farms, so the best way to explain the difference to you is that visiting our farm is more like visiting a small botanical garden or small nature museum than it is like visiting a county fair or fall farm festival.  Yes, we have chickens, sheep, and a llama, but we do not have a “petting zoo” in the classic sense.  Just something to keep in mind. . .   Now, for your own safety and to make the visit more enjoyable for each and every guest:

  • Parents, we do everything we can to make Grace Farm kid-safe and kid-friendly.  Please keep small children within reach at all times, and please do not let them run.  This is a must-raspberries are thorny, and the ground is not always as even as it seems – roots, ground squirrel holes, soil depressions – all of this can be obscured by greenery.
  • Please, NO PETS.  To reduce the risk of parasite and disease transmission, we can not accommodate pets – even for a short potty break.
  • You might need bug repellent and sunscreen.
  • We have one (very clean) porta toilet and handwashing station.
  • Please know the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness and consider the risks before you pick on hot days.  We have one air-conditioned building with limited seating.
  • Please note that we do not serve prepared foods; you’ll need to bring your own nourishment or plan to check out a local Woodstock food establishment.

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